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From time to time do tax questions come up, but you don’t
know where to turn for an answer? Or do you need a tax form
that is “somewhere” on the IRS website?

Maybe you’re looking for clarification about whether a
particular expense is deductible or not deductible.

If it has to do with home-business tax savings, chances are
you will find what you’re looking for, all in one location,
Tax Savings Learning Center website: HomeBusinessTaxSavings.com

Here is a sampling of what’s available there:

  • IRS Forms and Publications
  • Referrals to tax pros I have personally Certified
  • Reviews of 3 types of recordkeeping systems
  • How to change your W-4 Correctly
  • 2014 Vehicle-Use Log
  • What’s included in “Vehicle Operating Costs?”
  • Per Diem Rates for hundreds of locations
  • How-To guide for reconstructing records
  • Facts about Amended Returns
  • How to get an extension to file taxes after April 15
  • How to resolve IRS issues
  • Archives of past webinars and tele-briefings
  • MLM tax savings information and tools
  • Subscribe to “Tax Tips You Can Bank On”
  • Archives of “Tax Tips You Can Bank On”
  • Affiliate program – earn $ for referrals
  • Extensive FAQ list
  • Where to get a Corporation set up
  • Where to get a an LLC set up
  • Where to get help with corporate recordkeeping
  • How a business plan can protect you in an audit
  • How to tell if your tax pro is saving you money

And lots more….

That’s just a partial list. If you don’t see what you’re looking for,
ask us if we have it. Suggest additional information or resources
like us to add to the Tax Savings Learning Center.

Send your questions and suggestions to:

So, Action Step #11 for slashing your 2014 tax bill to the bone,
is simply to visit: HomeBusinessTaxSavings.com and poke
around a bit. 
I’ll bet you will come across something that will
help you cut your 
taxes even further.

That’s #11 of the 12 best tips I can give you to
legally slash your 2014 taxes to the bone.

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