Special Edition 6 of 12


Taking advantage of all of these special deductions is fabulous!
But PROTECTING these valuable tax deductions is CRITICAL!

Protecting them from whom?
Predators. They go by the code name, “Tax Auditor.”

Audits exist for only one reason – to extract your money from your pocket.
Audits are tedious, with an auditor going over your tax return, one deduction
at a time, looking for a reason to “disallow” it.

Or it could be worse than that…
If an auditor could find a way to disallow an entire CATEGORY of tax deductions,
then every deduction in that whole category would suddenly be disallowed, right?

By “category” I mean, for example, home-business tax deductions. If they could
disallow THAT category, it would cost you THOUSANDS!

Here’s YOUR problem…(followed by your solution, of course)
Auditors have been issued a manual with step-by-step guidance for asserting

that you do not qualify for ANY home-business tax deductions. NONE of them!

How?  By “proving” (in their opinion) that you are not “running your business
like a business.”  If you don’t really have a  “Business,” you don’t get to take
ANY “Business deductions!”

But, guess what?  I have a copy of their manual.
(Sure it’s “intended for internal use,” but it’s not classified or anything!)

When you have a copy of the enemy’s battle plan, you can easily prepare to
win the war.  Every time.

This is so important that I have created a special web page dedicated
to explaining

  • What they are doing
  • How they are doing it
  • YOUR Action Plan to virtually AUDIT-PROOF
    home-business tax deductions.


If you take the one action described here:  http://www.homebusinesstaxsavings.com/businessplan.html

an auditor CANNOT claim you are not “a real business,” which would disallow
all of your home business deductions. Your business will be BULLET-PROOF.

Caution The solution will not work after you have received an audit notice.
This is a preemptive strategy, so this action must be taken before you receive
an audit notice.

The special web page is at http://www.homebusinesstaxsavings.com/businessplan.html

Check it out right now!

That’s #6 of the 12 best tips I can give you for legally slashing your 2014
taxes to the bone.

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