Special Edition 8 of 12

Are you a Referral Marketing or Direct Sales or Network Marketing professional?
If so this Special Edition of “Tax Tips You Can Bank On” will be of particular interest.

This is a series of emails about how to slash your own taxes to the bone in 2014, but with this particular edition, you will also be able to recruit, close and retain like never before — without you answering a single tax question.

Don’t you think a lot more people will be willing to sign up on-the-spot when they learn this: Running a home-based business will reduce the amount of taxes taken out of their paychecks, which of course will increase their take-home pay.

Increase by how much? By more than enough to cover ALL of the costs of running their new business, including monthly minimum purchase requirements.

Look, since Uncle Sam will be covering ALL of the costs of operating their business, every penny they make in commissions and overrides and bonuses will be PURE PROFIT!

I ask, is THAT an incentive to get-in and to get-active? And once they get used to seeing an extra $300 to $500 extra every month in their take home pay, the one thing they will never do is quit! The day they quit, would be the day they go back to paying that $300 to $500 to Uncle Sam, again. Sweet, huh?

How would you like to have prospects jumping onboard for the tax savings, without you having to answer a single tax question? You know the mantra: Let the ‘tools’ do the work. Why? Because that’s duplicatible!

ALSO this truly IS rejection-proof marketing! A person might say I don’t want your business opportunity (for whatever reason), but WHO is going to say NO to saving $4,000 – $5,000 per year, every year, beginning this year, on their TAXES?

I know lots of very successful people in the direct-sales/MLM/referral-marketing fields who are leading with the “tax angle,” and getting prospects asking, “But how do I get started in a home-based business?” Your reply just might be, “I just might be able to help you with that!”

Get the details now – DON’T WAIT – at http://homebusinesstaxsavings.com/mlmsuccesssystem.html

That’s #8 of the 12 best tips I can give you to legally slash your 2014 taxes to the bone.

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