Special DEDUCTIONS for HBB owners – Special Edition 2 of 12

There are 12 easy, specific actions you can take RIGHT NOW,
that will slash your 2014 taxes to the legal minimum.

Since you are reading this email, I presume you were already meeting the
three prerequisites covered in Issue #1, or that you have now begun to take
those actions, right?

Have you ever been part of a membership club that had benefits you forgot
about or didn’t know about until later?  If you don’t know about the benefits,
they may just as well not exist, because nobody is going to tap you on the
shoulder to remind you.

Same with tax deductions! The IRS does not employ staff to look over tax
returns to make sure to you got all of the deductions that were available to you.

And don’t count on your tax pro jumping in either, for two reasons —

(1) During tax filing season they have to crank out returns as fast as they can
they are not about to stop to give you a refresher course in tax deductions.


(2) it is quite likely they do not know about some of the tax deductions you have
learned from me.

There is only ONE PERSON who can guarantee that YOUR tax payments are as
low as they can get, and that one person is YOU.  If you want to save money at
the grocery store YOU need to find out what the specials are. If you want to save
money on taxes, YOU have to find out what the “IRS specials” (deductions) are.

How do you do that in the most time-efficient and most cost-efficient way?
Get the self-paced, self-learning “Basic Essentials Course in Home Business
Tax Savings.”

You can complete this course on your own schedule In only about 7-10 hours
of your time and for only $147, tax-deductible (special low tuition this week only).

I have even thrown in the audio-book version in case you
are someone who has more time to listen than to read.


For less than a hundred bucks (after tax deductions) and for less than one day’s
worth of reading or listening, you can be assured that you are getting full
advantage of all of the special home-business tax deductions available to you.
And that information could add about $5,000 or more to your tax refund.

If you don’t have it, GET IT NOW:

That’s 2 out of 12 of the best tips I can give you
for legally slashing your 2014 taxes to the bone.

SEARCH THIS BLOG for “Special Edition 3 of 12” tomorrow.

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