RECORDKEEPING – Special Edition 4 of 12

There are 12 easy, specific actions you can take right NOW,
that will slash your 2014 taxes to the legal minimum.

What is the one thing about these great HBB tax deductions that’s not so great? Documentation.  Recordkeeping.  Right?

You did not go into business for yourself so that you could spend countless hours
documenting where every penny of income came from, and what every penny of
expenses paid for.

I can empathize with that. But isn’t that like saying I didn’t take up fishing so that
I could bait hooks all day. I got it, but if you don’t bait your hook, you don’t catch
any fish. And if you don’t keep adequate records, you don’t catch any tax
deductions. Get it?

Okay so let’s stop pretending that keeping records is “optional,” and shift to
asking a more useful question:  How can you make it quick and painless, and
acceptable to the IRS?

Two questions:

  • Do you use a smartphone?
  • Do you use a computer?

If the answer to either question was yes, I have done your research and
evaluation for you.  The answer is something that is called an odd name: “Taxbot.”

This is the tax deduction recordkeeping system I use, myself (because I’m lazy,
but I also don’t want to ever risk losing even one single deduction to some over
zealous young hot-shot auditor).

I could tell you all about why I use Taxbot and its features and its benefits,
but instead I have set up a special web page to do that for you.

1.  It’s all summarized here:

2.  For just a buck, you can try out the complete full-version for three weeks.

3.  If you like it, you can keep it – and you can get it for half price –that’s
$9.95/month or $100/year, tax deductible.

Check it out. It beats the heck out of a shoebox full of receipts to paw through
next April.

That’s #4 of the 12 best tips I can give you for legally slashing your 2014
taxes to the bone.

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